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Dyslexia Migraine and Visual Discomfort

Some children and adults who have difficulty reading experience visual distortion when looking at a page of print. Dyslexia Migraine and Visual Discomfort The letters may appear to move, or to blur, the lighter background may cause glare causing eyestrain or headaches. The resulting visual distortion and perceptual distortion may interfere with reading and may be relieved using a coloured spectacle lens these symptoms are called visual stress, and sometimes may otherwise be referred to as Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome or Mears-Irlens Syndrome.

Visual stress, a light sensitive condition that contributes to visual perceptual problems, impairs reading and can also be the cause of tiredness, difficulty concentrating, headaches and nausea. It may not become apparent until there is difficulty coping with small repetitive black print on a white background or when the volume of reading required increases.

    Many children who suffer from visual stress are unaware that they see the page differently from others until someone applies an appropriate coloured overlay or prescribed precision tinted lenses, when they may comment that the page appears clear and still or the words have stopped moving.

   This distortion is common in people who have binocular vision problems which may be treated with orthoptics or refractive errors but it can occur in people whose eyesight is otherwise perfect.

     Clinical research trials by the Applied Psychology Department of the Medical Research Council have shown that these problems can be helped by the use of tinted spectacle lenses specifically  to meet the individual needs of each patient.Dyslexia Migraine and Visual Discomfort

       The effect of the colour is generally to give greater clarity with reading, so improving fluency with easier concentration and reduction of headaches. The colour is determined by assessment with the Intuitive colorimeter .


Cerium Precision Tinted Lenses is the only system prescribing tinted lenses for the treatment of dyslexia and visual distortion researched and trialed by the Medical Research Council’s  Applied Psychological Unit.   Other methods may not offer the same scientifically based and precise analysis of the colour that will be needed for each patient individually, coupled with the ability to reproduce the tints faithfully.

This system is validated by The British Dyslexia Association and The College of Optometrists in the U.K., as well as the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S.A.

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