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Contact lenses allow freedom from wearing spectacles.


This could be for convenience, cosmetic appearance, or practicality.


Wearing contact lenses you can quickly slip sunglasses on when needed, be it for a change in light levels or for a particular protection from the environment, eg skiing and sailing.


Contact lenses are now available in daily disposable and reusable modalities.


They are available to correct short sightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism.  There are also multifocal contact lenses for those in need of a presbyopic correction.


Boost your game with contact lenses

Whatever your physical activity, if you want the edge over your opponents, contact lenses can help.

• They give you better peripheral vision than glasses
• You don’t have to worry about them getting in the way like glasses or falling off or slipping down when you move or sweat
• You have a more complete field of vision, potentially higher visual acuity in each eye and potentially better contrast
• They don't mist up and can be worn under goggles, masks or helmets
• With contact lenses all dimensions are real, meaning the images you see are not altered in shape or size
• And with your vision taken care of, you are free to concentrate on your game


Sports that benefit most from contact lenses

While all sports are better played when wearing contact lenses, below are some of the activities in which you’ll notice the biggest advantages:

Racquet games

Think how much better your tennis, badminton or squash game could be if you weren’t so worried about your glasses falling off and getting broken every time you reach for a shot.

Ball games

Ball games such as basketball, netball and volleyball require a 360 degree field of vision at all times. Unlike glasses which restrict your peripheral vision, contact lenses help you keep everything in sight.


This vigorous sport, like any other cardiovascular activity, has a frantic up and down movement. Wear your glasses jogging and you are likely to have to keep pushing them up on your nose bridge every other second.

Cycling and inline skating

Cycling and inline skating are high-speed sports that require skill, fitness and concentration. You don’t have the time or effort to fuss over glasses that may potentially mist up, or slip and fall to the ground and get lost during the activity.

Rugbyand contact sports

How many rugby players have you seen on the pitch in glasses? These high contact sports are all about body contact and rough tackling, which means glasses are out of the question - they wouldn’t last five minutes in a scrum!

Stunt sports

Stunt sports like skate boarding and BMX bicycle stunt riding require intense concentration. Stunts sometimes involve full turns and 360 degree twists of the body. The chances of injury from falling are very high, and glasses just add to that risk.

Adventurous activities

If you’re planning to embark on an adventurous activity, the first thing you should do is abandon slippery glasses for hands-free contact lenses. Imagine bungee jumping with a pair of clumsy spectacles strapped tightly onto your face. It's not only uncomfortable but also dangerous (if your glasses get smashed, you could get injured by the flying shards of glass).


Which lenses are best for sport?

All ACUVUE® brand contact lenses have UV* filters to help protect your eyes when playing sport outdoors.

Choose a daily disposable lens such as 1•DAY ACUVUE® TruEye® as they are easy to replace which means you don’t have to worry about losing your lenses.


* UV absorbing contact lens are not substitutes for UV-blocking sunglasses as they do not cover completely the eye and surrounding area.

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